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It only takaes a minute to set up a
campaign. Decide what to do. Pick a name. Pick a photo.

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After your campaign is over, we’ll send 100% of what you raise directly to the field. We’ll keep track of where it goes.

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When a community gets access to clean water, it can change just about everything. It can improve health,

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That’s nearly 1 in 10 people worldwide. Or, twice the population of the United States.
The majority live in isolated rural areas and spend hours every day walking to collect water for their family.

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Where does your money go?

We want to show our supporters how they have helped us to changes
lives. For more detailed accounts you can read our trustees report.

100% goes to the field.
100% goes to the field.

When you fundraise or donate, every dollar goes directly to building
clean water projects. Private donors fund our operating costs, so 100% of
your money can go to the field.

We prove every project
We prove every project

We work with local partners to build water projects around the world.
And every time we complete one, we prove it using photos and GPS
coordinates on Google Maps.

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If it can’t find its way home, then we will provide a safe, caring and secure environment
until it finds a new home. We believe that a caring and compassionate
commitment to the pets that we share our lives with provides for an enriching
environment for us all.

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